DIAMOND installation error


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I'm trying to install DIAMOND on my linux computer, and i'm getting the following error after the command "make install":
/usr/bin/ld: CMakeFiles/diamond.dir/src/align/greedy_pipeline.cpp.o: in function `ExtensionPipeline::Greedy::pipeline::run(Statistics&)':
greedy_pipeline.cpp:(.text+0x2ad9): undefined reference to `Fixed_score_buffer<int> const& needleman_wunsch<int, Local>(sequence, sequence, int&, Local const&, int const&)'
I've checked and it seems I have all the required versions of GCC, CMake, libpthread and zlib.
Any idea what might be the problem?


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Thank you very much!
Unfortunately, i'm still getting the same error. Should I still invoke the commands in the same way that is written in the manual?

Benjamin Buchfink

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That is strange since I used the same compiler version to test it. Please check that you have the right commit by going to the diamond directory and running: git show. The first line should read like this:

commit b6dee73c3b0deaa50187937fbff7bdbb6c5eda62 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD)