Error sskingdoms, skingdoms, sphylum output option


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Hi everybody! I am trying to blast a set of reads against a database using Diamond 0.9.30, installed with miniconda.
I have well formatted the database with the options --taxonnodes --taxonmap and --taxonnames, and everything is going well!

But when I run the command :"diamond blastx -d HyDeg_names.dmnd -q ../2019_R1.fastq.gz -o 1715_R1 -f 6 qseqid sphylums" to get a taxonomy on phylums, I get the following error:
Opening the database... [0.001202s]
Error: Invalid output field: sphylums

The same error appears for the sskingdoms and skingdoms options ...

If you have an idea of how to fix the problem, I would be very grateful !!