v2.0.3 released

Benjamin Buchfink

Staff member
  • Added a new sensitivity mode that is between the default mode and the sensitive mode in sensitivity (option --mid-sensitive).
  • Added counters for total number of reference blocks, shapes and index chunks to the status messages.
  • Fixed a bug (persisting since v2.0.2) that could cause secondary HSPs within one target not to be reported if the --max-hsps option was used with a non-default setting.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an invalid error message with regard to the database format in certain cases.
  • The --no-self-hits option is no longer supported in blastx mode.
  • Changed the semantics of the --no-self-hits option to check for equality of both sequence and sequence id, independent of the computed alignment.
  • The selection of the top hit when using --top will respect the identity, coverage and no-self-hits filter settings (does not apply when frameshift alignment is enabled).
  • The inclusion criterion for --top is applied to the bit score instead of the raw score and is no longer affected by integer rounding (does not apply when frameshift alignment is enabled).
  • Improved the accuracy of the ranking heuristic.
  • Added the options --ext-chunk-size and --no-ranking to control the ranking heuristic.